Italian-Polish cinematographer and writer/director, she completed her studies in cinematography at the Beijing Film Academy in China.


Federica commenced her journey as a visual artist in Berlin back in 2010, where she co-founded False Manners Productions, an independent production company specialised in music videos and visual art related to electronic music. 


In 2015, Federica relocated to Beijing(China) where until January 2020, she served as director of photography for numerous Chinese feature films and television series, including "The Kidnappers," "Nothing but Thirty," and "Ghost in the Body," all acclaimed releases on China's premier streaming platforms.


Between 2021 and 2023, Federica gained five "Best Cinematography" awards in the USA and European Film Fastivals with the film “Blue Lanterns” shot between Hong Kong, Beijing and Taiwan. 


Marchese's directorial debut unfolded in 2017 with the release of the Fantasy/Thriller short-film "Ennoi," garnering four awards and earning a spot in the official selection of more than 15 international film festivals.


2023 proved to be a rewarding year for Marchese's written and directed films, winning the "Best Music Bomb" at Not Film Fest with the music/dance film "Smashed," and later in December her pilot episode for the TV series titled “The Blind Zone” had its world premiere in New York at the renown festival Dances With Films, at its 26th edition.  


2024 started at its best, seeing “Smashed” having its North American Premiere in New York at the prestigious Lincoln Center for the oldest dance film festival in the world, Dance on Camera.