Italian-Polish cinematographer and writer/director graduated from cinematography department at the Beijing Film Academy in China.

Federica started her career as a visual artist in Berlin in 2010, where she co-founded False Manners Productions, an independent visual art project that integrated moving images with electronic music. 


In 2015, Federica relocated to Beijing, China, to follow her dream of becoming a filmmaker. Up until January 2020, Marchese worked as director of photography for several Chinese feature films and television series, including the "The Kidnappers", "Nothing but Thirty" and "Ghost in the Body," released on China's best streaming platforms.

In 2021 Federica won her first two "Best Cinematography" awards in the USA with the film "Blue Lanterns" and in early 2022 another "Best Cinematography" award with the film “Off Meter”.


Repatriated to Italy in mid 2020 during covid pandemic, Federica relocated to Milan and since done she has been working in several commercials, promotional and corporate videos, but also short-films and documentaries. 


Marchese's directorial debut was in 2017, with the release of the Fantasy/Thriller short-film "Ennoi", which won 3 awards and was part of the official selection of several international film festivals.

In 2019 Marchese co-wrote and co-directed the pilot episode/proof of concept of a Tv series called “The Blind Zone”.